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Traffic Generation: Promoting Affiliate Offers Through PPC, SEO, PPV and Articles

There are hundreds of ways to gain traffic as an affiliate marketer, yet four traffic sources tend to make up the vast majority of affiliate marketing campaigns. From pay-per-click advertising to SEO-based websites, pay-per-view traffic to promotional articles, affiliates have carved out the four most powerful traffic sources available online, and optimized them to the point where sales are simply inevitable.

Still, it takes a bit of work to succeed with any of these sources. No matter how you plan to market your products or offers, an understanding of traffic is important for any affiliate. Below is a basic guide for promoting offers through the four major traffic sources. Check them out, learn the basics of each one, and get ready to use all four as high quality traffic sources.

1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Traffic

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular traffic sources for affiliates. Offering explosive short-term growth potential, it is particularly popular as an initial source of traffic for offer and product testing, conversion rate analysis, and basic on-page optimization.

The most important element of PPC advertising is the story. Successful PPC affiliates need to draw customers in with an alluring headline, offer guidance through the sales process, and finally reach their conclusion with a powerful landing page. View the sales process as a narrative and you will find your conversion rates quickly increasing.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Traffic

SEO traffic is, without a doubt, the most valuable long-term traffic. With an established position in the search engines, it is possible to complete hundreds of affiliate sales per-day without spending a single cent. How can you do it?

First, research the keywords that are most valuable for your affiliate niche. Some products are most successful when paired with buying keywords. For example, a footwear affiliate program would be particularly successful with “buy shoes” as the major keyword, rather than “types of shoes.” Create an SEO-powered website that’s built around a buying keyword and you will be inundated with valuable affiliate traffic in no time.

3. PPV (Pay-Per-View) Traffic

Pay-per-view marketing is highly lucrative for certain affiliate offers, and absolutely useless for others. PPV advertising works on a per-view model — affiliates can assign pop-up advertisements to appear whenever their audience visits a specific website. This gives them a great deal of power over buying decisions and context. With a highly targeted website list, PPV traffic can be very successful.

The key to pay-per-view traffic rests in simplicity. Affiliate products with heavy upfront costs are not ideal for pay-per-view traffic. Instead, affiliate marketers should focus on simple tasks such as opt-in forms, lead generation offers, and low-cost items.

4. Article Marketing Traffic

Article marketing traffic can be hit-and-miss. When paired with a great article, almost any offer can succeed with organic traffic from an article directory. However, it all depends on quality. Poor quality articles will result in a prompt click to the ‘back’ button, while high quality articles will get the reader in a buying mood. For success with article-based affiliate marketing, invest in high quality writing and ultra-specific keyword targeting.

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