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Reasons to Join a Blog Directory

Would you like more publicity for your blog? One of the best ways of obtaining more publicity for your blog and attracting more visitors is by joining a blog directory. There are many blog directories on the internet. These include Technorati, Blog Catalog, and Blogged.

Joining a blog directory is usually a simple matter of registration which means providing a user-name and password. You also have to provide the Internet address of your blog and a short description of its content.

Technorati is one of the oldest blog directories on the Web. It is also a very large search engine – there are over 12 million blogs listed on Technorati.

Technorati measures a blog’s authority. According to the support page of the site, the authority of a blog is its ‘standing and influence in the blogosphere.’ This is measured by a blog’s categorization, linking, and other relevant factors.

Technorati will also rank your blog to see where it is placed on the list of ‘authorised’ blogs. The highest ranking is 1. Technorati features the 100 blogs with the highest ranking and the blogs that have achieved very high rankings in their categories on its website.

Joining Technorati consists of registering your blog, claiming your blog, and tagging your blog. Claiming your blog is done by adding a code to your blog’s feed. It is a good idea to list the categories that your blog can be listed in and to add ‘tags’ (keywords that describe your content) so that your blog is indexed in the directory and it is easy to find.

Blog Catalog
Blog Catalog is also a popular web directory. Joining Blog Catalog is easily done by registering and listing your blogs. It usually takes a day or so for new blogs to be approved by the site’s editors.

You can add many Blog Catalog ‘buttons’ to your blog. These include a button to see who has visited recently and a button enabling visitors to rate your blog from 1-5.

At Blog Catalog you can list your favorite blogs on the site, make friends with other bloggers and join groups which discuss many different subjects. You can also search for blogs and send messages to people about their blogs.

Blog Catalog is a large blog directory with many bloggers so it is also an excellent way to attain more publicity for your blog.

Blogged is another blog directory worth joining. This consists of a simple process of registering and claiming your blog by placing a blog verification widget from Blogged on your blog. It is a good idea to choose your tags and describe your blog carefully so that it is easily found by searchers.

Here blogs are reviewed and ranked by editors. The editors rank blogs based on such factors as the frequency of updates, the relevance of the posts, and writing style. users can also submit reviews of your blog and give it a rating. also includes other features, such as ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Hot Topics’. There are plenty of discussions on current topics.

It is not a good idea to join these blog directories and expect that your blog will automatically attract more publicity and more visitors. This requires more effort. Some tips which will help promote your blog on these directories include choosing your keywords carefully, making friends with other bloggers, reviewing blogs, and writing comments on blogs.

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