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Make Money on Surveys

By participating in surveys online you can make money in your spare time. There are many different kinds of online surveys and different topics (there are even surveys for kids). What and how much you get paid also differs – it can be cash or gift vouchers. Here we have a look at survey companies in the US, Canada and the UK.

Before registering on any of these sites, please read these tips:

  1. Make sure to confirm your registration (by clicking on the link in the confirmation email).
  2. Take your time join all relevant survey sites first, and then go back to each individual site to fill out more detailed profiles surveys.
  3. Pay attention to some surveys sites only allow one account per household, also even though most open to 18+ years old, some do accept 13+ years old.

US Online Paid Surveys

1. Global Test Market 
Get paid points to take every online survey and focus group. Points are redeemable for cash (check). One account per household. Accept 14+ years old. 

2. NFO MySurvey 
Get paid points to take surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (check) or prize. One account per household. Open to 14+ years old. 

3. LightSpeed Research
Get paid points and entry for drawing for taking every survey and focus group. Points are redeemable for cash (PayPal), gift certificate or prize. 

4. American Consumer Opinion
Enter drawings for screeners; get paid cash (check) each time for a survey or focus group. Open to 14+ years old. 

5. PineCone Research
Pay cash (usually $3 PayPal/check) for surveys. Very reliable paid survey company. One account per household. r 

6. SurveyHead
Get paid cash (PayPal) for taking each survey. $5.00 sign up credit. Surveyhead was founded by the founders of, and accept members worldwide. Open to 13+ years old.

7. Ipsos i Say
Get paid points for online surveys. Points for cash (check) or Amazon/other gift cards or prize. 

8. SurveySpot
Get paid cash (check) and sweepstakes entries to take online surveys.  Cash for focus groups. One account per household. 

9. SurveySavvy
Get paid cash (check) for surveys and focus groups. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have a double tier referral structure. One account per household. Accept 14+ years old. 

10. 20/20 Research
They pay cash (check), range from $50 to $250 for online focus group.  

11. Valued Opinions
They pay cash (Visa card) and/or Amazon gift certificates for surveys. Very fast paying. Open to 16+ years old. 

12. Toluna US (former Greenfield Online/Your2Cents)
They pay cash (check) for every survey. Open to 13+ years old. 

13. Synovate Global Opinion Panel
Earn points for every survey completed. Points redeemable for cash(check) 

14. MindField Online
Pay cash (check) for every survey and focus group. 

15. Opinion Outpost
Earn points for every survey. Points for cash (check).  

16. E-Poll
Earn points for every survey. Points for cash (PayPal) or gift cards include .Amazon gift certificates or prize. One account per household. Open to 13+ years old. 

17. MyView 
Get paid cash (PayPal) for surveys (every survey). Open to 13 years old.  

18. Global Test Market
They pay Amazon gift certificates for community board discussions and focus groups. 

19. HCD Surveys
They pay cash (check) for every survey. 

20. SayNation 
Earn points for surveys. Points for cash (PayPal), gift certificates or prize. Use referral code: 0371996861 to get extra 1200 bonus points (code should be auto filled) for both you and me! Open to 13+ years old.

Canada Online Paid Surveys

Directory of legitimate Canadian survey companies and those accept members who live in Canada. Starting with the best and top paid survey sites. (Many US Survey sites also accept Canadians)

1. Web Perspectives (Valued Opinion CA) 
Web Perspectives is a very good Canadian based online paid survey site. Member earn points for taking surveys, and points are redeemable for cash paid via PayPal. 

2. LegerWeb 
Legerweb is also a great Canadian based online paid survey site. Members get paid cash (by check) for every survey they complete. 

3. MyPoints
Earn points for taking every survey. (You get 10 points if don’t qualify). Points for gift cards and certificates. They also have paid emails. Very reliable site. 

4. Daily Survey Panel
Earn points for surveys, points for cash (PayPal) or Amazon certificates. Very fast paying! 

5. SurveyLion 
SurveyLion is the Consumer Panel Website of Canadian Viewpiont, one of Canada’s largest opinion data collection companies. 

6. Elite Opinion (former Tech Panel)
Earn points for every survey. Points for cash(PayPal) or gift certificate. 

7. Clear Voice Survey
They pay Amazon gift certificate for surveys and focus groups, get $0.10-0.25 even not qualify. 

Earn sweepstakes entries or cash (PayPal) for every survey. 

9. TestSpin
Pay gift certificates for every survey.  

10. ClickIQ
Earn points for every survey completed. Points redeemable for cash. 

11. Data Intelligence
You earn points for each survey. Points for Gift certificate or merchandise. 

12. Harris Poll
Earn points for every survey completed. Points for prize. 

13. I think Inc.
Most of time they pay cash (check) for surveys and focus groups. 

14. Socratic Forum
Pay cash or sweepstake entries for surveys. More technology orientated. 

15. Netverdix Panel 
Pay cash (check) and drawing entries. $5.00 minimum payout requirement. 

16. VocaLab
Pay cash for every survey. Payout is small (usually $1.00), but they pay fast.  

17. Zoom Panel
Earn points for sweepstake entries. Points for merchandise.

18. BuzzBack
Pay cash or sweepstake entries.  Takes 4 weeks to cash out and there is a payment threshold, but you don´t find out until you become a member. 

19. Planet Panel
You earn lottery points/tickets for cash prize drawings for every survey. They have surveys for many countries and drawings for every country. A good international survey panel. 

20. Canada Talk Now
Cash for surveys. Have many focus groups.

UK Online Paid Surveys

UK Free paid online surveys directory – list of United Kingdom online survey panels, starting with the best and top paid survey sites.

Earn points for surveys and focus groups. Points convert to cash (check) 

2. Ciao UKnew!  
Get paid cash (via check) for taking surveys. 

3. Opinion World UK (SSI UK)
Earn points for taking surveys, points redeemable for cash (Paypal). SSI is the parent company of SurveySpot. 

4. Spider Metrix
They award “spider points” for surveys. Spider points for cash or gift certificates 

5. London Business School  
They pay cash via Paypal for surveys. 

6. OpinionBar
Get paid cash or donate to charity for completing surveys. Paid directly into bank account.

7. Games Survey
GamesSurvey is a special survey panel for video gamers, earn cash(paypal) or amazon gift certificates for taking surveys about brand new game concepts, character concepts, and video game advertising. 

8. Bergen vDICE
Scientific research site (in English, German and Norwegian) which pays via PayPal for occasional surveys  

9. YouGov UK Panel   
Receive 50p (about $0.80) per survey. When you account reaches £50 ($80), a cheque is sent to you 

10. Nielsen NetRatings
Earn cash (check) and/or sweepstakes entries. SAFE software download required. 

11. Permission Research
Points redeemable for merchandise and gift cards. Free online disk storage, free games, free software and screen savers.Safe software installation required. Default language to country of domicile. 

12. PureProfile  
A UK based paid survey site. Rewards including cash directly to bank account. 

13. PanelBase  -
Currently UK only survey site offering cash and prizes for completing surveys. Paid between £0.25 and £5.00 for completing survey. Payment threshold £20.00 paid directly into UK bank account 

14. Home of Research (Rewarded Opinions)
Get paid points for taking online surveys and online focus groups. Points received per action which convert into cash. Minimum payment threshold £20.00 

15. Palm Research
Get paid cash (via Paypal or Check) for taking online paid surveys. 

16. Springboard
Pays between £0.50 and £2.50 per survey. Threshold of £30.00 when payment is made by check. (in sterling) 

17. AIP Online Surveys – UK   
Earn points for taking surveys, points are redeemed for gift cards usable in many UK high street stores or online at Amazon. 

Online Survey for Children

1. KidzEyes
Survey site aimed at children offering points for surveys which add up to cash. Minimum withdrawal $10. 

2. Kids Opinions
Offers gifts and cash (US$ only – paid by check) for completing surveys. Cash out at $10 with $1.50 admin fee. 

3. Panel Polls
Aimed at older children and teenagers, this site offers cash and gift rewards for completing surveys. Cash can only be redeemed once the points value is equivalent to $10.00

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