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Make Money On PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Making Money Online – Monetizing Your Website/Blog with Pay Per Click Advertising

If you have a web site, or a blog, or belong to an online social network, or if you contribute to practically anything on the internet, it is possible to make money by promoting a third party company through advertising and get paid each time a reader clicks on your ad. This can be done by advertising blocks or banner advertising on your web page, “in-text” advertising on blog, forums, social network sites and really anywhere that you can get away with posting an advert without getting your account suspended.

These advertisements are generated by search engines companies and online advertising companies specializing in contextual ad optimization to ensure that the adverts that appear on your web site are relevant to the content of the site/blog/forum/other. Their advertisers pay them to advertise on the internet, and the revenue is shared with you.

You simply paste a code or hyperlink into you JavaScript or text and publish.

The following is a list of web sites with whom you can sign up and start earning money by marketing the companies who come to them with their advertising budgets.

Google Adsense

  • Available in 29 different languages
  • Excellent Publisher Interface
  • Limited volume of ads per page
  • Strict controls on non-contextual pages, spamming and service abuse
  • Payment Threshold $100 (paid monthly)

 Yahoo! Publisher Network 

  • Available in U.S. only
  • Not available to individuals
  • Not available to Overture clients
  • No image ads available
  • Payment Threshold $100 (paid monthly) – $50 if paid via Paypal

 Microsoft Advertising (Bing) 

  • Available in U.S. only
  • Only supports Windows
  • Limit of 3 units per page.
  • Limit of 10 web sites
  • Payment Threshold $50 (paid monthly)

 Note: Microsoft and Yahoo will be merging their search operations in 2011 

  • Available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and U.S.A. (English language sites only)
  • Higher % of revenue paid & pay-per-text option available
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • More relaxed web content policies
  • Payment Threshold $25 (paid monthly by cheque)


  • Available in English only
  • Wide choice of ad formats (inc. Britepic picture advertising)
  • Unique Adzone Auction facility
  • More relaxed web content policies
  • Payment Threshold $5 (paid monthly by check – 60 day maturity period)


  • Internationally available with toll-free customer support (US only) and live chat (restricted hours)
  • Supports graphical, rich media & text advertising
  • Publishers receive 100% of “ask price” for their adverts
  • Allow other ad providers on same page
  • Payment threshold $50 (paid monthly)


  • International availability with multiple web site management function
  • Real Time statistical reporting.
  • Maximum of 3 Adspilot ads allowed, but can integrate with other advertising networks
  • Pay 80% commission on net advertising revenue
  • Payment threshold $20 (paid monthly with a variety of payment options)


  • Available internationally for content rich sites and blogs
  • Variety of advertising media formats including “stripe ads” and “peelaway ads” specifically for blogs
  • Option of setting your own price or use company´s “autopricing”. 75% revenue share
  • Limit of 30 advertising modules
  • Payment threshold $20 (paid monthly with several payment options)

  • Available in U.S.A, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & Holland
  • Localized advertising & sponsorship – partner in the country in which you domicile
  • No limitation on lineage ads/links
  • Paid per enquiry on search engine – NOT click through
  • Payment Threshold $50/£50/E50 (paid monthly)


  • Available for English language sites that have 2.500 page views per month with 50%+ from North America
  • Will not allow excessive advertising per page, and must have minimum 2 pages in operation for a month
  • No spam, no pop-ups and no downloadable data
  • Good (10%) referral program
  • Pay monthly 35 days after account period with minimum threshold $20


  • Internationally available and compatible with Ebay
  • Allows ads on web sites, blogs and feeds – good referral program
  • Advanced publisher centre for quality reporting
  • No limit to adverts per page and able to filter out competitors ad from your site
  • 2 month “no-click” termination policy
  • Payment threshold $50 monthly paid by cheque ($10 using Paypal)


  • Available for English language, content rich web sites – very stringent on content
  • Contextual advertising in a variety of boxed ads.
  • Includes pictures in the advertisements
  • Works with Google Adsense (offers free ebook to show how to maximize revenue)
  • Payment threshold $50 (paid monthly)


  • Available for English language web sites with at least 50% traffic from USA, Canada and UK
  • Contextual ads provided for sites generating minimum of 5.000 views per day
  • Good account administration interface & 10% referral program
  • Deactivation if not reaching minimum threshold with 6 months
  • Minimum threshold $50 paid each 15 days

 Exit Junction

  • Available internationally in any language, but has a strict fraud/spam policy
  • When leaving (exiting) your web site, viewers are taken to a search page of contextual ads
  • You receive a credit when any of these ads are click (se Exit Junction web site for fuller explanation)
  • Members area reporting facility
  • Payment threshold $50 (paid monthly on 45 day cycle) less mailing fees


  • Limited international availability for live and parked domains
  • Offer boxed, banner and linkword advertising
  • Not allowed to use free hosting web sites
  • No spamming, news group postings and mass emails allowed
  • No mention of how frequently they pay or threshold


  • Internationally available as a contextual “text ad” service.
  • Excellent reporting facilities
  • No minimum click through rate/month
  • Allows more space on your web page/blog to be used for content.
  • Payment threshold $100 paid monthly (45 days in arrears). Variety of payment options

 Marchex Adhere

  • Internationally available for high profile publishers
  • Option to sell advertising direct or via Marchex service
  • Linked to for regional advertising
  • No details of payment frequency or threshold
  • Also own and search engines.


  • Available multilingually in Europe, South Africa, U.S.A., Canada and Israel.
  • Offers contextiualized advertising in many forms through their ContextStream program
  • Web site must have high quality design and good levels of high net worth traffic
  • Minimum visits per month required = 50.000
  • No details on minimum threshold or payment frequency


  • International availability
  • Advertisers bid for placement on your web page
  • No further details available as links on MIVA site broken


  • Available for English language web sites only, and clicks must originate from target country
  • Banners and text ads only provided
  • Publishers must prove 1.000+ unique hits per page carrying ads per month
  • Live support and dedicated account manager
  • Payment threshold $50 monthly with 15 day net turnaround


More PPC Advertising Networks

247 Real Media



 Admax Network (SE Asia)

AdOn Network



Adsmart (used to be Adrevenue)

Adtegrity (owned by AOL – aka Adsonar)

Affiliate Future








Burst Media

Claxon Media



Clickmedia (aka Fastclick)


CPX Interactive


Dragon Media Online  (operates DMO Global and Dragon FTO)






Genie Knows

 Gorilla Nation



JoeTec Network



Kanoodle (also owns, and

 HispanoClick (for Spanish language sites)





 Opt Media



 Pheedo (For RSS feeds)

 Phorm (used to be 121 Media)



Quinn Street

Real Cast Media

RealTech Network


Robert Sherman Co.

Search 123


Suite 6ixty 6ix (part of Rydium)



Tremor Media (Video Advertising)

Tribal Fusion

ValueAs Network

ValueClick Media (aka ClickAgents)

Vibrant Media


BlueLithium – now acquired by Yahoo!

Widgetbucks – not currently accepting new sign ups – search engine offering affiliate marketing program

MammaMedia – links not working

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