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Make Money on Online Games

Making money playing games online might not seem like a real option to most, but the fact is there are, especially when it comes to online poker, many online professionals, and other skill games have growing numbers of pro players too. However, gambling is prohibited in some areas and it is surely not as safe as some other online income opportunities, so you have to determine individually if this is feasible for you. It can, however, provide you with some extra cash if you are a skilled player, and it’s a lot of fun too.


Exploiting the online freerolls can be a lucrative means of making money for no investment. is the worlds leading online poker web site. Each 40 minutes they have an “Astronomers” freeroll which, if you finish among the players on the top eight poker tables you will qualify for a weekly final with a cash prize pool of $2.000. No deposit is required to play in the freerolls which are heavily subscribed and cover a variety of poker games from Texas Hold´em to Badugi.

They also have regional freerolls every day (ie for people who live in France, Italy, Spain etc) and occasional promotional freerolls.

Other sites have similar programs which maybe easier to qualify into the finals, but with a lesser reward, or a straightforward $5/$10 freeroll program available. Beware that some sites have qualifying criteria such as a minimum deposit or number of real money games you must have played over a specified period, before they will allow you to participate in their freeroll competitions.


As well as the thousands of casinos available on line, many online bookmakers have introduced their own virtual casino lounges into which you can transfer funds from your betting account. All ranges of games are available and, as with the betting sites (below), there are some very generous casino offers available to new and ongoing members to attract you to the site.


The internet has enabled a great number of sports and odds betting sites. Due to the online competition, many offer interesting incentives to entice you to bet with them. Please check the terms and conditions of these offers carefully – you may have to place bets for many times your initial deposit to qualify for the bonus or any winnings made from bonus stakes. If you are looking for the best value for an event or match, sites such as can instantly inform you which bookmakers are offering the best odds.

Sure Bets
Sure Bets offer a guaranteed way of making money from betting online. By subscribing to a sure bet provider, you will get instant notification of when bookmakers offer contrasting odds which enable betting on every possible outcome to be profitable. Ie Nadal v Federer in a tennis match. One bookmaker already has a large liability on Nadal, so tries to attract money on Federer to balance his books by enhancing the odds available on Federer winning the game. Another bookmaker may be in an opposite position and is trying to attract bets on Nadal. By betting at selected stakes on both possible outcomes with the two bookmakers, you are guaranteed to win every time. Free service Free service Offers free service with 20 minute delay and premium membership from 10 Euros to 150 Euros per year. Offers free service with 20 minute delay and premium membership from 49 Euros per month Offers free ebook explaining arbitrage betting (sure bets) and one week free trial of premium service – thereafter 79 Euros per month or you have access to surebets with less than 0.60% return. Requires software download.

The best way to profit from surebets is to use a net wallet (such as Neteller) so that funds can be transferred quickly from account to account and not have a 3 day delay waiting for winnings to be transferred.

Exchange Betting
Exchange betting allows you to either back a selection to win or “lay” it to lose. Therefore, if you believe that a team, horse, tennis player etc is not going to win the match, race or game etc, you can lay it to lose. With exchange betting, you are betting against another person and therefore the odds are generally better than with an established bookmaker who sets his own odds. The company on whose site you are transacting the exchange will take a small percentage of your winnings for their services.

Before using any of the sites listed below, please ensure that there is sufficient traffic to the site to ensure a strong market for your chosen sport. good for American Sports

Exchange Games
As an extension of exchange betting, it is also possible to bet against other people (or bots during quiet periods) on automated games. Using your knowledge of Texas Hold´em, Blackjack and Baccarat, you can select whether to back or lay specific hands depending on whether you believe they will win or lose. Only available on 

Financial Bets
Bet on changes in the price of gold, oil, international share indices, exchange rates and many more. Different bookmakers/account providers offer different time spans over which the best are placed and settled, from two minute to weekly, and you can bet on prices rising or falling, and have the opportunity to hedge bets if required.

Three options available

Straightforward bet that a price will end higher/lower than its opening bid

Spread betting on the amount a price will vary +/- from its opening bid


Combined option has the option of spread betting, live betting and also a unique “back the trader” option, whereby you can bet on whether a trader’s portfolio is going to rise or fall. You can open a practice account (play money) and create you own portfolio. If somebody chooses to back your play account and it shows a profit, you will get real cash credited to your account.

Spread Games
Most bookmakers have a variety of games or virtual races on their sites. has “Kennington Park”, a virtual racetrack on which you can bet/lay spreads for fun or cash as a good introduction to spread betting.


Online bingo is a “numbers game”. On most bingo sites, you can purchase cards to play games (which start every few minutes) for as little as 3c. All of the bingo web sites seem to be offering free cash when you first join and incredible bonuses (up to 250%) for each subsequent deposit. Prizes will depend on the numbers of players purchasing tickets and the value of the tickets, but it is possible to win up to $25.000 on some of the better subscribed bingo sites.

Beware of sites that charge for withdrawals (seen one charge $25 for $100 withdrawal). These are the best sites found to date.

Most of the regulated and established online bookmakers now have a facility for bingo and bingo style games.


Some of the larger Backgammon web sites have over 1.5 million members playing in tournaments with a variety of stake levels, and many of these will give you a $ incentive (without any deposit required) just for signing up and trying the game online. Leading sites such as Ladbrokes, Partygammon and Gameaccount have regular freerolls which anybody can enter with prizes from $10 to $200. Ladbrokes have a free daily qualifier to its “Big Money Monthly” competition with a prize pool of $2.500. True Money Games has a backgammon freeroll each evening with seats to be won for their Euro 1.000 “Saturday Challenge”. Paddy Power does not have a freeroll competition, but run midweek games with a £2.50 buy in for their Sunday £2.000 guaranteed tournament


Play Standard UK, American “All 5s” or Spanish “3 and 5” dominoes on

Other sites on which to play dominoes cash games

Gin Rummy has several small tournaments every day with the big £300 guaranteed game on a Friday evening (GMT) £10 to enter also has a Friday night tournament with £600 guaranteed and £15 entry.

Other sites on which to play Gin Rummy

Pyramid Solitaire

Play against the clock or in tournament play on

Play skill solitaire games for cash at these other sites

Other games sites worth considering is owned by EA Sports (they used to be a videogame maker for Playstation, Nintendo etc.. Did the FIFA series and Harry Potter games amongst others). They have a system where you have to buy tokens and the tokens are used for games and then you buy draw tickets with the tokens which may lead to you getting a cash price up to £4999.00. Online games club with $3 per month subscription. High level of games skill required for the likes of Backgammon and Chess, but because of the subscription fee, games are free to enter winners receive entry tickets to “winners” tournaments with cash prizes up to $500 covers a lot of American TV game shows spin-offs. If you are not familiar with some of these, read the rules and try practice play before you play for real money.

Microsoft has its own “gamezone” site on which there are many different types of games ranging from chess to card, puzzle and word games to trivia and arcade competitions. You play against other players to get the best score, with the winner(s) taking the cash prize. MSN take a “rake” (like poker) from the prize pool for operating the site.

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