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Get Paid To Write Reviews On The Internet

There are many sites on the Internet which pay you to write reviews. This is an easy way to make some extra money. Starting is easy. It usually only requires registration at the review site by choosing a user name and password and writing short reviews of products. Do check the terms and conditions of the site carefully before registering because some of these sites restrict payment to the members of a particular country.

Sites which pay for reviews include Review Stream, Epinions, Shared Reviews, and Shvoong. There are lots of others, however, so you are sure to find a review site that suits you.

Review Stream
Review Stream accepts reviews about almost anything. Reviews need to be specific about the name or the location of the product that is being reviewed. If you are writing about a hotel, for example, you should specify its exact address. If you are writing about a book you should write the title and the author in the heading of the review.

Review Stream lists the current rate that it is paying for reviews on its home page. However, if your review doesn’t meet some of their criteria you can accept the bulk rate which is the current rate divided by five. Reviewers are paid extra money for votes from readers who find their critiques helpful.

Some reviews are rejected. The reasons for this include bad grammar and too much description in the review rather than opinion.

One of the advantages of becoming a reviewer at Review Stream is that it is very easy. Passwords and email addresses are not required. A disadvantage that can be annoying is that you cannot post the same review anywhere else. However, reviewers can provide links to their reviews on their websites and blogs. This is a good idea because of the extra readers that this may attract.

Epinions also accepts specific reviews about almost any product. The company accepts two types of reviews – express reviews and reviews. Express reviews are short and concise reviews about a particular product. This type of review does not earn income.

Reviewers earn money at Epinions through income share. If reviews help readers make decisions about a particular product then they will attract income which is shared amongst the authors. The company works this out by using a formula. Epinions provides tips to help reviewers earn more money from their reviews.

Joining Epinions requires registration and setting up an account. Payment is made through PayPal.

Epinions is not a good choice for non-U.S. residents because they have to earn $100.00 from their reviews before they are paid.

Shared Reviews
Shared reviews is a social networking site which pays for reviews. This works on a community basis so reviews are paid according to the votes that they receive from other community members and the amount of views received from people linking from other websites. Shared Reviews also allocates extra money to the community each month. This depends on their programs, incentives, and sponsors, so the amount varies from month to month.

It’s a good idea to interact with the Shared Reviews community as much as possible if you decide to write for the site because this helps you to earn more money. It is also a good idea to vote for reviews that you find helpful and to promote your reviews on other sites.

Shvoong accepts reviews, synopses and summaries about many things, including books, movies, and music. The amount paid depends on how many visitors click on the advertisements on the page on which the review appears. Ten percent of the total revenue that Shvoong receives from these clicks is shared between reviewers.

You probably need to write a large number of helpful abstracts to receive a reasonable amount of money from Shvoong because the amount of money received depends on advertising revenue. This means that Shvoong is more useful to readers of reviews than writers who want to earn extra money.

Writing reviews for any of these sites is a good way to earn money but it is also a lot of work. Consider which site to join very carefully and see whether the time involved for the amount of money earned is worth it. Writing reviews is not difficult, however, and it is an enjoyable way to earn extra money.

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