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Four Tips for Blog Advertising, Affiliate Blogging, and Increasing Blog Revenue

For all the sources claiming that blogging is a lucrative way to generate money online, there is an equal number of claims warning that it is not. Blogging attracts strong opinions, many from people who have tried to start a commercial blog and failed, and many more from people just as passionate who have succeeded as a blogger and created a scalable online income.

The truth is that as a short-term income source, blogging falls flat on its face. There are hundreds of ways to generate income online, and blogging certainly is not the method with the shortest learning curve. Only after a while does blogging become worthwhile, at least from a financial perspective.

However, with a bit of optimization and a lot of work, blogging can generate a great online income. Once you have generated an archive of content, built an audience, and created an ad-friendly blog layout, the rest almost always falls into place with a little optimization. These four tips will help you turn that audience into an income through advertising sales, online affiliate programs, and other marketing forms.

1. Use Adsense for easy revenue
Adsense attracts a lot of praise for its simplicity, and an equal amount of disdain for its relatively low payouts. No, Adsense will not make you rich, unless of course your blog attracts millions of readers. However, when it comes to simplicity, it is difficult to look past Google Adsense for bloggers.

With just a few advertisements set up on your page, you can generate a no-work income every month. There is no fiddling with advertisements and keywords, as Google’s algorithms determine what shows on your page and what does not. Despite the low earnings, Adsense is a good first step for monetizing your blog.

2. Experiment with affiliate products
The greatest thing about affiliate products is that there is always something that is suitable for your audience. A blog about design, for example, could be monetized effectively with links to design eBooks and online guides. Even if your blog falls outside of niches that are packed with products, it is still possible to generate income with affiliate programs. With Amazon’s massive archive of products, even a blog about Ukrainian shoes can generate an affiliate income.

One of the most lucrative affiliate opportunities is to promote online poker and casino sites, if you have an interested audience. The gambling operators will give you 20-50% of their profit for all new customers you send their way. Gambling can be considered a bit controversial though, so you have to decide if it’s appropriate for your business or not. If you think it might work for you, read more here: casino affiliate programs.

3. Sell advertising independently
If your blog appeals to an audience that is worthwhile to advertisers, you could always try approaching them directly to sell advertising. While Adsense offers low-maintenance advertising solutions, it pays on a per-click model and is not always lucrative. When you approach advertisers directly, it is possible to work out a monthly rate, set per-click costs, or even a sponsorship deal that generates ongoing income for your blog.

4. Sell endorsement posts
This method requires a popular blog, or at least a blog with a valuable audience. If you are seen as an authority in your area, you could monetize a blog by offering paid endorsements and ‘review’ posts to readers, businesses, and organizations. With the right degree of pricing, a single endorsement post per month could be all you need to crack a blogging profit.

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