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Factors That Can Influence Forex Pricing

There are many factors that influence Forex pricing, which is why traders should always be careful when opening a position. While most of these factors have a basis in facts, some of them do not, such as trader sentiment and psychology. The latter can lead to extreme movements in the market and is one of the things that makes the Forex market so unpredictable.

Economic Factors

One major factor that affects Forex pricing is the state of the economy in a country. The better the economy is doing, the higher the currency will be valued. There are certain indicators that are used to determine the strength of a country’s economy and the majority of indicators are those that may have a significant impact on the value of the currency.

For example, indicators that determine the health of an economy include GDP, employment levels, retail sales and more. The higher the level of these indicators, the healthier an economy is considered to be and the stronger the country’s currency will be.

Other indicators that impact Forex pricing include trade balances, inflation and consumer sentiment. If a country has a negative trade balance, or a deficit, in general, its currency will be weaker. This is not only due to a weaker economy but also because the government and central bank wishes to encourage exports, which is one of the best ways to reduce a trade deficit. Thus, the weaker the currency, the cheaper it will be for other countries to import goods, which leads to a higher inflow of cash and, therefore, a reduction of the trade deficit.

It should be noted that Forex pricing can be severely affected by economic news releases. In fact, the foreign currency exchange market has one of the most volatile reactions to economic news, which is why it is recommended that beginners ensure they have no open positions immediately before, during and after a news release. This is especially important because the market doesn’t always move as expected in reaction to the news.

Political Factors

Forex pricing can also be affected by the political situation of a country or region. For example, if there is political instability in a country, this can weaken the currency as current trade partners and investors are unsure regarding the economic future of the country. The higher the level of uncertainty, the more investors will sell off their assets in said country, driving the price of the currency down.

The Influence of Traders on Forex Pricing

While the aforementioned issues have a significant impact on Forex pricing, nothing can move the Forex market on a daily basis like the traders themselves. And traders don’t always rely on facts to decide whether to go long or short, which can significantly influence the strength of a currency. In fact, traders often react to rumors long before they see the facts and the result can be a high volume of selling or buying, which is what makes the Forex market so volatile.

Government and Central Bank Policy

Another important factor that affects Forex pricing in the central bank policy of a country, which can actually control the strength of a currency to a certain degree. If both the government and central bank of a country feel that the currency is too strong, they can flood the market with additional cash, which all automatically lower the value. On the other hand, they will contract the amount of currency available on the market if they feel the currency is too weak.

While there are many variables that impact Forex pricing, one of the most important is trader psychology. The latter can cause a currency to strengthen, even if the economic data is negative, as a result of rumors that may be unfounded. Therefore, if you intend to start trading, it is wise to remember that the Forex market reacts unpredictably most of the time, which will save you a lot of money and aggravation in the long term.

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