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5 WordPress Plugins That Every Blogger Should Use

Most professional bloggers use WordPress as a blogging platform because of its flexibility. Users can extend the basic features of WordPress by installing plugins, which enhance the experience for both the blogger and the blog reader. There are plugins that prevent spammers from spamming your blog, plugins that make your blog search engine-friendly, and even plugins that create contact forms for your blog. Whenever your blog needs more functionality, you will probably find a plugin that provides the solution.

Here are five plugins that every blogger should install on their blog:

Akismet By Matt Mullenweg
WordPress allows blog readers to leave comments and communicate with one another. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who use the comment feature to cheat the search engines. Spammers, who try to build links unethically, love to target WordPress comments with their spam. The Akismet plugin helps combat spammers by checking the comment against known spam tactics, and blocking the comment if it appears to be spam. This plugin will save you hours of deleting spam comments from your blog.

All-In-One-SEO Pack Plugin By Michael Torbert
The All-in-One SEO Pack plugin is one of the most powerful plugins available for WordPress. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is not highly optimized for search engines. Some premium WordPress themes are designed with search engine-optimization in mind, but premium themes can be expensive. The All-in-One SEO Pack plugin accomplishes everything needed to make your blog search engine-friendly, without forcing you to pay for the functionality.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator By Arne Brachhold
When a search engine visits your blog, it needs a tour guide. Your blog’s sitemap is the search engine’s tour guide. It tells the search engine where to look for pages you want indexed. The Google XML Sitemaps Generator plugin generates a sitemap for your blog and submits the sitemap to the major search engines. After your sitemap has been submitted, the search engines will visit the pages listed in your sitemap, and eventually add the pages to their index.

Statpress By Daniele Lippi
As a blogger, it is important to monitor the activity of your blog’s visitors. You need to know which topics are popular and where your traffic is coming from. When you have that information, you can improve your blog by writing about popular topics and concentrating on traffic sources that are producing results. The Statpress plugin for WordPress allows you to accomplish all that and more. It displays data in easy-to-read graphs and charts, and unlike many of its competitors, it displays the data in real-time.

Contact Form By Takayuki Miyoshi
If you want to give your blog’s visitors the opportunity to contact you, you need to create a page that has a contact form. The Contact Form plugin for WordPress simplifies that process for you. Without any programming knowledge, you can have a contact form on your blog in minutes! The plugin is simple to use and the forms can be easily customized to fit your needs. You can manage multiple forms, control the mail content, and even block spammers from using the form.

WordPress Plugins Make a Blogger’s Life Easier
WordPress plugins make the life of a blogger easier by reducing the amount of technical knowledge required to run a successful blog. If there were no plugins, bloggers would spend most of their time writing, testing, and editing PHP scripts. Instead, plugins allow bloggers to focus on less technical tasks, such as promoting their blog, creating content for their blog, and building relationships with their readers.

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